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Effective Boundaries

Live, Online Workshop

Date:Part 1: March 17 at 9PM EST
Part 2: March 31 at 9PM EST
Cost: $185

This 2 Part Workshop builds on the concepts you learned in the BTR.ORG Strategy Workshop.

If you have not taken the BTR.ORG Strategy Workshop – attend that workshop first before enrolling!

Once you understand the concepts taught in the BTR.ORG Strategy Workshop, boundaries will be another tool to use to create safety and peace in your life.

We’ll learn why the typical advice about boundaries only creates more harm and how to set effective boundaries that protect you. 

*This workshop includes downloadable PDF workbook.

 *If you need support right away, access a BTR Group Session today!

Want to hear a hard truth?

Telling an abuser what you won’t tolerate doesn’t separate you from the harm. You can make requests or even demands, and most emotional and psychological abusers verbally agree, but if they don’t change the way they act, their agreement was just grooming. Grooming is abuse.

Building on the concepts you learned in the BTR.ORG Strategy Workshop, this workshop will teach you how to avoid grooming and jump straight to a journey toward real emotional and psychological safety. 

During The BTR.ORG BOUNDARIES Workshop You Will:

  • Understand how the abuser weaponizes healthy communication techniques
  • Learn about FLOUNDARIES – the ineffective way to attempt to stop harm
  • Learn about TRUE BOUNDARIES – actions that separate you from harm
  • Identify where you need to set boundaries
  • Plan some effective boundaries

Meet Jane – Workshop Coach

Content Director at BTR.ORG

Jane’s life mission is to spread awareness and education about emotional, psychological, narcissistic abuse, sexual coercion, betrayal trauma, and recovery to women all over the world. She creates BTR.ORG educational content on the BTR website and on our social media channels like Instagram @btr.org_ and TikTok

She also creates content for BTR.ORG educational workshops (like this one). Her goal is to help women create safety for themselves and their children.

Jane is a Certified High Conflict Divorce Coach (CHCDC).

This Workshop Has Limited Capacity

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