betrayal trauma

Surviving abuse is exhausting.

We created these meditations so you can relax and be healed without any effort on your part.

I was skeptical, but desperate for some relief from the constant trauma. I didn’t know what to do. Therapy wasn’t helping much. I figured, ‘What do I have to lose?’ AND WOW. After the first meditation, I felt immediately better. I could see more clearly. As I worked through the meditations, I became more and more confident.

It was so incredible to just be healed without having to do anything!

“I couldn’t stop crying…”

“My trauma was so intense, I couldn’t stop crying. Therapy just made me depressed – like, really, he did all this to me, and now I have to do more work? I just couldn’t do it anymore. A friend suggested The BTR.ORG Meditation Workshop. She said, “All you have to do is listen, and write down a few things, and it will change you.

And it did. I can’t believe how much my life changed from going through these meditations. I started thinking differently and feeling more peaceful. Thank you so much for creating these. I don’t know how I would have survived without them. 

I couldn’t sleep at all after I found out that my husband had betrayed me. My friend told me to try this and I can’t say yet if I’m ‘healed’ but I CAN say that I finally slept. I fall asleep listening to I Am Just Right almost every night. I play it over and over.

I don’t know what I’d do without it.

13 Meditations Specifically for Victims of Emotional & Psychological Abuse and Sexual Coercion

Women are often exhausted and hopeless. They’ve spend countless hours in therapy or talking with clergy. They don’t have the energy to try anymore.

They just want the chaos to stop.

Some victims don’t realize that they’ve internalized the emotional and psychological abuse. Many have a hard time separating truth from the abuser’s voice inside their own heads.

The BTR.ORG Meditation Workhop was exactly what I needed. Any time I felt stressed or upset, instead of thinking about what to say to him or what to do, I would sit down at my kitchen table, do a BTR Meditation, and by the end I would feel so much better.

Replace the Abuse with Peaceful Thoughts

These 13 Mediations will clear out the abuse from your subconscious and help you see clearly.

Rest and be healed from the inside out. All you need to do is listen.

BTR.ORG Meditation Workshop

Heal from the Inside Out


Best Workshops for Betrayal Trauma
Founder & Executive Director

Anne Blythe, M.Ed.

Anne is the Producer and Host of the The BTR.ORG Podcast and the author of Trauma Mama Husband Drama

After years of attempting to stop her husband’s pornography use and “anger issues”, Anne turned her attention to establishing emotional and psychological safety for herself and her three children. Through study and practical application, Anne finally delivered herself and her children from his narcissistic abuse 8 years after their divorce.

Since then she wrote The BTR.ORG Living Free and Message Workshop to help deliver other women from the seemingly never-ending oppression of being married or divorce from a narcissistic man. Similarly, she wrote the BTR.ORG Meditation Workshop to help victims manufacture peaceful feels throughout their journey to safety. 

Anne shares her journey with others to help women safely and effectively separate themselves from their husband’s (or ex’s) emotional & psychological abuse and sexual coercion and establish peace in their homes and families.


Is the BTR.ORG Meditation Workshop right for me?

If you’ve suffered from your husband’s lies, emotional & psychological abuse, sexual coercion in the form of pornography use or other infidelity, if the term betrayal trauma resonates with you, YES! This workshop is for you.

How long is it the BTR.ORG Message Workshop?

The BTR.ORG Meditation Workshop includes 13 Meditations specifically for women experiencing betrayal trauma. Each Meditation includes workbook exercises and is anywhere from 25-45 minutes long. Many women report that listening to a meditation was much more effective than attending a therapy appointment.

Once I’ve enrolled, how do I access The BTR.ORG Meditation Workshop?
Login to the BTR.ORG Client Login > Workshops > Meditation to access the Workshop.
How long will I have access?

For life!

Can I schedule an Individual Session with Anne?

Anne teaches women about the concepts of abuse and safety on The BTR.ORG Podcast.

If you’d like to talk to someone about what you expereinced in the BTR.ORG Meditation Workhshop, attend a BTR.ORG Group Session. We’d love to see you in a session TODAY!