BTR.ORG Living Free Workshop

When you discover that your husband has been using pornography (or other types of sexual betrayal), lying, gaslighting, etc, it’s hard to know what to do.

Living Free will give you more clarity that any other workshop on betrayal trauma.


The Problem

Many professionals don’t recognize narcissistic men.

They take the narcissist’s word as truth. They see both the narcissist and his victim as equally unhealthy. They can’t see that he is lying, manipulating, and playing the victim. This enables the abuse.


The Solution

Learning the strategies in The Living Free and Message Workshops will change everything. Begin your journey to emotional safety today.

So validating, powerful, and relevant. I NEEDED THIS. Every victim of emotional and psychological abuse needs this. Why isn’t anyone else teaching this stuff? How did I even function before BTR??

I was fighting with him inside my head

Get to emotional safety with without being blamed or required to love, serve, forgive, or support the man who traumatized you.

BTR.ORG Living Free concepts will transform the fear and frustration into action steps out of the chaos.

Includes a Hands On Workbook

The BTR.ORG Living Free Workshop is a online video course and includes an inspired 60-page Workbook.

Protect Your Thoughts From Emotional & Psychological Abuse

So many women struggle with being able to focus, feel peace, or even do necessary daily tasks.

The BTR.ORG Living Free Workshop will teach you thought strategies to protect your mind from being hijacked by trauma.

All I know is that I went into this hoping I’d learn some new skills, like how to set boundaries and communicate with my emotionally abusive husband. And I did learn those things – but HOLY COW. I feel like a new person.

I’m excited for the first time in twenty years. Not only excited, but I feel capable and strong. My life starts today.

Learn How & Why Abuser’s Communicate

Understanding how and why abuser’s communicate will help you avoid the traps he uses to exploit you.

Learn How To Set Boundaries That Actually Separate You From The Harm

A lot of people will encourage you to set boundaries. But the way they tell you to do it never helps.

The BTR.ORG Boundary Model isn’t the impossible “tell him your boundaries” disaster you’ve tried before.

In fact, it doesn’t even require you to say anything to put a barrier between yourself and the harm. We’ll show you how.

Learn How to Respond to Abuse In-Person & In Writing

A lot of people give vague advice like, “Don’t let him take your power.”

It’s not helpful. The Living Free Workshop includes specific, actionable ideas that you can easily implement to establish peace in your home.

“I enrolled in the BTR.ORG Living Free Workshop because I was at wit’s end with my husband’s abusive behavior. I had tried everything I thought, but I had no idea there was another option that would help me actually feel peace. Thank you, BTR!”

Founder & Executive Director

Anne Blythe, M.Ed.

Anne is the Producer and Host of the The BTR.ORG Podcast and the author of Trauma Mama Husband Drama

After years of attempting to stop her husband’s pornography use and “anger issues”, Anne turned her attention to establishing emotional and psychological safety for herself and her three children. Through study and practical application, Anne finally delivered herself and her children from his narcissistic abuse 8 years after their divorce.

Since then she wrote The BTR.ORG Living Free and Message Workshop to help deliver other women from the seemingly never-ending oppression of being married or divorce from a narcissistic man. Similarly, she wrote the BTR.ORG Meditation Workshop to help victims manufacture peaceful feels throughout their journey to safety. 

Anne shares her journey with others to help women safely and effectively separate themselves from their husband’s (or ex’s) emotional & psychological abuse and sexual coercion and establish peace in their homes and families.


Is the BTR.ORG Living Free Workshop right for me?

If you are a woman over the age of 18, who is currently or has been in a relationship where you suspect emotional & psychological abuse and sexual coercion (in the form of secret pornography use or infidelity), then YES! This workshop is for women who are still in their marriages, women who are separated, women who have made the decision to divorce, and even women who are already divorced. The answer is YES, this workshop is for YOU!

How long is it the BTR.ORG Living Free Workshop?

The BTR.ORG Living Free Workshop includes 52 very short video lessons, an online question after each lesson, and a 60 page Living Free Workbook to be used throughout.

Once I’ve enrolled, how do I access the Living Free Workshop?

Login to the BTR.ORG Client Login > Workshops > Living Free to access the Workshop.

How long will I have access?

For life!

Can I schedule an Individual Session with Anne?

Anne teaches women about the concepts of abuse and safety on all our educational platforms – including the The BTR.ORG Podcast and social media.

If you’d like guidance on how to implement the BTR.ORG Living Free Strategies in your own situation, attend a BTR.ORG Group Session. We’d love to see you in a session TODAY!