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It’s hard trying to handle a difficult husband. Especially when his lies, manipulation, porn use, and infidelity are overwhelming. Where to start?

The BTR.ORG Workshops give you strategies to feel emotionally safe in your own home.


Is Your Husband Difficult?

The BTR.ORG Workshops support women like you. Since navigating the challenges from living with (or being divorced from) a difficult husband, these strategies will help.

There’s NOTHING like The BTR Living Free Workshop. No where. No one has ever told me any of this. I can’t BELIEVE I even functioned before. Therapy didn’t help me at all. Talking to my Pastor (or his terrible wife) gave me serious anxiety.

But The BTR.ORG Living Free Workshop actually helped! It gave me simple strategies to begin feeling emotionally safe. Why didn’t anyone else tell me marriage didn’t need to be so difficult? And then, The Meditation Workshop kept me grounded. I’m finally feeling hopeful!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

BTR.ORG Meditation Workshop

It’s impossible to feel peaceful due to his difficult behavior and choices.

The BTR.ORG Meditation Workshop will uncover your confidence, peace, and safety you didn’t know you already had.

The peace you’ll gain from this Workshop will guide you to emotional safety for you and your children.

BTR.ORG Living Free Workshop

The BTR.ORG Living Free Workshop explains exactly what’s going on with your difficult husband (or ex) in clear, short videos.

The Workshop includes questions and exercises to discover true cause of his disfunction. Know what to do handle your husband’s difficult behaviors.

Once you finish Living Free, enroll in the The BTR.ORG Message Workshop.

BTR.ORG Message Workshop

Women who are divorced (or thinking about it), often worry about the difficulties they’ll encounter post divorce.

The BTR.ORG Message Workshop will give you effective tools to handle your ex husband’s chaos.

When court or other conventional methods, like therapy, faith counseling, or the justice system haven’t protected you, this Workshop will give you strategies to handle his ongoing abuse.

BTR.ORG Group Sessions

Many women need support while they’re figuring out what to do.

Our daily Group Sessions can help you process what you’ve learned and apply the strategies and tools in a way that works for you.